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Nina’s Carousel
From 01/07/2020 to 31/12/2021

Nina’s Carousel

In the wake of the nomination of Valerio Berruti (an internationally renowned contemporary artist from Alba) as Ambassador of Creativity, a shared project was submitted to the European cities of the Network belonging to the "Film" cluster, with an invitation to screen the artist's short film - "La Giostra di Nina" (Nina's Carousel) - at the same time in all cities, in a large live streaming, each one in most a significant place and preferably outdoors. The project is temporarily suspended, pending the improvement of the pandemic situation.


Brief synopsis of the short film: Nina is a young girl forced to work at her granddad's carousel. Geppo is an adult boy with a childish soul who creates chaos in the village among the customers of the carousel. A sense of provincialism, resignation and fear of differences is transformed into a great desire for freedom. The carousel is actually made of birds in flight. It connects the artist's line to animation by sequencing some 3000 drawings so that they become still frames of a video.

The music, written by Ludovico Einaudi, is the only sound element in this short film without words. Berruti designed and built a real carousel, which has a diameter of 7 metres, and personally modelled the birds that create it. The carousel was the subject of an exhibition, curated by Arturo Galansino, in the beautiful medieval church of San Domenico in Alba, during the 2018 edition of the International Alba White Truffle Fair.