The International Alba White Truffle Fair

Tuber magnatum pico

The king of Piedmontese tables

What a lovely smell

The secrets of small gestures…

One of the top showcases for haute cuisine and Italian excellence. The heart of the Fair is the Alba White Truffle World Market, which hosts many different events where you can experience the truffle in all its facets.

The Fair is also about tradition and folklore thanks to the city boroughs that are gathered under the banner of the “Giostra delle Cento Torri” (Hundred Towers Carousel), together with the flag-wavers and thousands of volunteers which every year turn Alba into a magical stage on which the best of the town's medieval re-enactment tradition is staged, and reaches its pinnacle with the Donkey Palio.

Unique and inimitable excellence

The Alba White Truffle Fair is a great hub of cultural and gastronomic events that celebrate the Langhe's white gold in all its nuances. The truffle, therefore, becomes a scent, poetry, mystery, as well as “starred” cuisine and a status symbol with timeless appeal. Throughout the weekends of the Fair there will be national and international chefs, local chefs, designers, writers and artists who all share the same passion for truffles and the culture of quality food and good taste.

Roddi Truffle Hub

In the splendid setting of Roddi Castle, the so called " Cucina della Comunità " (Community Kitchen) is being proposed: a symbolic place that welcomes chefs, excellent raw materials and producers. The Fair Board is offering visitors high-quality, charming experiences in a place steeped in history. In addition, there will be cooking classes conducted by national and international chefs and dinners with starred chefs involving producers of excellent raw materials cooked and described by the protagonists.