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International Alba White Truffle Fair – UCCN Edition
From 24/11/2018 to 25/11/2018

International Alba White Truffle Fair – UCCN Edition

The project aims to extend the famous event of the International Alba White Truffle Fair to the UCCN circuit. To this end, in recent years, some UCCN cities have been guests of honour at the Fair featuring Cooking Shows held by chefs from the invited cities, tastings of typical dishes and dedicated info points. Therefore, during the Alba Truffle Show, there was room for creativity in the kitchen, pairing the Alba White Truffle with international products and food proposals.

In particular, the first edition of Contaminazioni Creative was organized in November 2018: a weekend in which the network cities, not only related to Gastronomy, met in Alba and mutually presented themselves, as territories and as projects. They explored points of contact with Alba and possible future collaborations, and experimented with creativity in the kitchen, giving rise to a true creative contamination between products from the different cities, which was displayed during the Cooking Shows at the International White Truffle Fair.

The workshop also resulted in fruitful contacts with Bergen and Graz; furthermore, in Bergen, Alba had taken part in the Bergen MatFestival, one of the most important food-related events in Norway, in late August and early September of the same year.

Moreover, in 2019, relations were strengthened with Limoges, which was a guest city at the inauguration of the International Alba White Truffle Fair, where it presented Pepita, as well as starring with its own Michelin-starred chef in the first Cooking Show of the 2020 edition.

The project is constantly evolving and aims to have a theme each year to be narrated during Alba's most eagerly awaited autumn event, which thereby also becomes a showcase for creative excellence.