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Covid-19 emergency: more “creative” initiatives
From 01/03/2020 to 31/12/2021

Covid-19 emergency: more “creative” initiatives

The Covid-19 pandemic led the City of Alba to implement cultural and social projects to cope with this difficult and special moment. The municipal administration has managed to network with other bodies, institutions and private companies in the area, in order to implement projects aimed at local citizens as well as tourists from all over the world. In this period too, the city has demonstrated great unity and common purpose for the common good.

  • Face masks for the City: as from April 2020, and thanks to the help of a well-known Alba textile company, Miroglio Fashion - which promptly converted its production to produce washable cloth masks - it has been possible to donate a mask to the over-65s and heads of households in Alba, as a sign of help and support at a time when finding masks was very difficult. With school resuming in autumn, each child using the “Piedibus” (literally foot-bus), as well as the volunteers providing this service, were given a face mask.

  • Telefono Solidale (Solidarity Telephone): starting in April 2020 and throughout the first period of the health emergency, a special telephone line was activated to listen and discuss. This was a valuable tool to support citizens and answer the many questions related to the emergency. the number provided information, guidance on rights, attention to needs and relational and educational support.
  • Telephone for women victims of violence: the service, already active in the past, guaranteed also during the health emergency the possibility to receive local assistance, through dedicated numbers, from women victims of domestic violence.