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Italian Gastronomic District
From 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2021

Italian Gastronomic District

The project aims to work jointly, first between the cities of Alba and Parma, and from 2019 also with Bergamo, on the development of a full-scale Italian UCCN Gastronomic District. The main goals to be achieved and for which the project has begun are the creation of a unified brand despite its diversity, and openness to collaboration with other Italian regions and cities that share the same approach and foresee a similar commitment to joining UCCN. The District also serves to present the areas involved in an integrated, effective and synergic way with an international perspective, in order to enhance the promotion of their products in terms of tourism, culture and, ultimately, trade.

A short timeline of activities


  • On 24th May, Alba and Parma take part in the Italian Cities of Gastronomy event held at UNESCO Paris to mark the Year of Italian Food.
  • from 2nd to 3rd June, the City of Alba attended the Creative Cities Festival held in Parma
  • Participation of the cities involved in their most prestigious annual food and wine events, such as the International White Truffle Fair in Alba and Cibus in Parma.


  • From 10th to 15th June Fabriano, Creative City for Craftsmanship, hosted the annual conference of the 180 Creative Cities. A rich calendar of events addressed to inhabitants, tourists and delegates of the different cities. The Italian cities involved in the network were called upon to coordinate and manage the Creativity Pavilions. Alba and Parma jointly managed the Gastronomy Pavilion, located in the city's covered market, specially renovated for the occasion. The space was the setting for cooking shows and entertainment activities, with particular reference to the Made in Italy Gastronomic Contest.
  • From 28th to 30th August, Alba and Parma attended the UlisseFest as guests of honour at the inaugural dinner of the Lonely Planet Travel Festival. The district was also presented during the same festival.


  • Accreditation of Bergamo as a city joining the district
  • The signing of a friendship protocol between Alba and Bergamo, which culminated in the presence of the mayor Giorgio Gori at the 2020 Alba White Truffle Fair, as well as Alba's participation in the cheese event called FORME and the related Summit, held for the first time entirely online.

The Italian UCCN Gastronomic District project is constantly evolving and includes, among other things, the creation of a shared calendar of events, the presence of the different cities at the most important events of the other ones, the creation of a network of operators ready to tell the story of the "macro-destination" on long-range markets and the identification of a unitary communication tool, which can serve as a hub for everything that concerns the typical products of the different areas.